Are you looking for a new location to visit this year in upstate NY? Some place exciting, adventurous and historic as well? Look no further than the wonderfully large town of Greece, NY. Greece is a town located northwest in the county of Monroe. Home to 96,000 residents and growing, Greece stands as the largest populated town in Rochester, NY. With access to Lake Ontario, the Genesee River, and the Erie Canal, the Town became a transportation hub and a major supplier of farm produce to the new and growing nation. Originally called Northampton, the Town of Greece was established by the New York State Legislature on March 22, 1822! If you’re lucky enough to visit or just pass through the town, it surely will not disappoint at any time of the year! With many outdoor tourist attractions such as the Erie Canal, Greece Canal Park, Braddock’s Bay, and the Lake Ontario Seaway Trail — you and your friends/family can enjoy many activities in Greece NY such as fishing, hiking, and simply enjoying some of the most dazzling sights to be seen in the entire county!

Greece NY Roof Replacement & Repair

Your Trusted Roof Replacement & Repair Experts in Greece NY

Should you visit during a colder month, you can surely keep yourself occupied for quite some time with all of the shopping outlets including the historic Greece Ridge Mall, which is safely protected by well engineered products such as standing seam metal roofing and EPDM rubber roofing. Much like the diverse complexity of both indoor and outdoor activities and adventures that Greece NY offers, its building structures and homes also contain a unique variety of material used. Housing developments range in years built starting way back in the 1950s, all the way up to our present time in the 2020s. The houses built back in the 1950s were some of the most unique and structurally sound homes ever built post-war. They are comprised of a tongue and groove wood decking structure and are very well topped with a variety of new Architectural shingles, as well as the older 3 tab shingles. Because of the massive amount of land Greece contains and its growing population, home builders such as Ryan and Faber are continuing to build luxurious housing in present day. You’ll find that these structures are built with strong and sturdy plywood and OSB board, and also contain a combo of architectural and 3 tab asphalt shingles. It’s hard to miss some of these amazing new models because the newer designer colors that some of these houses contain really help beautify the home. As you can see, the history of Greece NY is not only long, but continues to expand, as well. As one of New York State’s top roofing companies, Roofing Rochester NY is guaranteed to satisfy all of your roofing and home improvement needs by not only keeping up with the times and technological advancements, but also remembering how to properly work on the origins of each of the older, historical homes, as well.

Greece NY Metal Roofing Installation

Metal Roofing for an Energy-Efficient Home or Business in Greece NY

New metal roofing installation is definitely one of the most efficient ways of improving the roofing of any Greece NY business or home. Metal roofing has strong robustness qualities and visual curb appeal; each adding property value increases that oftentimes result from these enhancements. Many homeowners and business owners have elected to have Roofing Rochester NY install a metal roof on their residential and commercial structures. More importantly, installing metal roofing on your property in Greece is best and most GREEN option for the environment.

Solar in Greece NY

Enlighten Your Greece NY Home with the Power of Solar

New solar roofing supplies power and protection; it’s a no-brainer. Decreasing your home or business carbon footprint while increasing your energy efficiency is the perfect way to enhance your residence or commercial building in many more ways than one while replacing its roofing system. See why so many Greece NY business and home owners are trusting Roofing Rochester NY with their solar roofing installations.

Commercial Roofing in Greece NY

The Commercial Roofing Experts in Greece NY

When potential buyers assess commercial properties, usually the first questions are about the state of the roof. The harsh weather of Avon NY are especially taxing on commercial structures that oftentimes lack tree cover. You simply can’t pull any punches or take shortcuts when your commercial building needs a new commercial roof. Roofing Rochester NY is happy to discuss all of your options at any time.

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