Military General John Swift, who originally called it “Swift’s Landing,” founded the town of Palmyra in 1789. Although changed to Palmyra in 1796, named after the ancient city in Syria, Swift was the first to settle the land, building the first grist mill, militia training center, and schoolhouse, as well as organizing and donating land for the first church and cemetery. Palmyra was home to many well-known citizens over the years, such as Henry Wells (founder of Wells Fargo Bank and Trust), as well as Olin J. Garlock (who revolutionized the steam industry with various innovations that now comprise the successful Garlock Sealing Technologies). The Garlock Sealing factory still stands on Palmyra’s Division Street, hosting a hefty factory remodel that includes 180,000 square feet of energy saving, white reflective roofing.  Perhaps the most notable person of all is Joseph Smith Jr., founder of the globally observed religion Mormonism and the Latter Day Saints Movement. Smith experienced a series of spiritual visions, one of which directed him to Hill Cumorah where he found golden plates buried within a box that detail ancient American civilizations. Just 10 years later, in 1830, Smith published the Book of Mormon in Palmyra’s Grandin Building, which is now a Historical publication site. The resulting religious movements led to the Church of Christ, and the purchase and restoration of many other historical church properties in the area, ultimately spreading spiritual knowledge to nearly 11 million people worldwide. The Church’s five sites in this region are within about 140 miles of each other. Three of the sites—the Smith Family Farm and Sacred Grove, the Hill Cumorah Temple and Visitor’s center, and the Book of Mormon Historic Publication Site—are just within a few minutes of each other in the heart of Palmyra.

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Between the factories, banks and religious buildings, you can see a wide variety of roofing structures complimenting the various architectures of the town’s history. These structures are also surrounded by residential homes, barns and silos scattered on the neighboring farmlands. From traditional asphalt shingles, efficient factory flat roof systems and the more aesthetic flat roof that accents the dome shaped white beauty featured at the Hill Cumorah, Palmyra has a little bit of everything to offer roofing history. Roofing Rochester NY recognizes that Palmyra has a rich history and with the growth of Mormonism and many church properties throughout the town, preserving beauty and spirituality is everything. We are here to offer you high quality materials and a knowledgeable team to replace any type of roof, and make sure it is done with care and precision.

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New metal roofing installation is definitely one of the most efficient ways of improving the roofing of any Palmyra NY business or home. Metal roofing has strong robustness qualities and visual curb appeal; each adding property value increases that oftentimes result from these enhancements. Many homeowners and business owners have elected to have Roofing Rochester NY install a metal roof on their residential and commercial structures. More importantly, installing metal roofing on your property in Palmyra is best and most GREEN option for the environment.

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New solar roofing supplies power and protection; it’s a no-brainer. Decreasing your home or business carbon footprint while increasing your energy efficiency is the perfect way to enhance your residence or commercial building in many more ways than one while replacing its roofing system. See why so many Palmyra NY business and home owners are trusting Roofing Rochester NY with their solar roofing installations.

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When potential buyers assess commercial properties, usually the first questions are about the state of the roof. The harsh weather of Palmyra NY are especially taxing on commercial structures that oftentimes lack tree cover. You simply can’t pull any punches or take shortcuts when your commercial building needs a new commercial roof. Roofing Rochester NY is happy to discuss all of your options at any time.

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