Perinton, originally spelled Perrinton, is named as such after its founder, Glover Perrin and was officially established on May 26, 1812. Perrin’s family, along with those of his six siblings, settled in the area as the first to enjoy the expansive farmlands. The water supply from the Erie Canal cultivates Perinton’s farmlands through the port in its inner village of Fairport. Although not incorporated until 1867, Fairport and Perinton’s histories are intertwined; the active port and railroads resulted in a booming industrial town that increased the business opportunities of Perinton’s farmers. Farms still exist in Perinton today, however the unavoidable nationwide industrial and transportation growths surrounded the rural areas with ever-changing suburban subdivisions, offices, and industrial parks such as Forest Hills Housing Community and Perinton Hills Office Park.

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Early commercial ventures grew into companies like DeLand Chemical Company (creator of modern baking soda) and Fairport Vinegar Works (which developed Pectin, a common ingredient for jelling). Cobb Preserving and the Trescott Company also helped provide sanitary and successful fruit packing systems, which ultimately worked together to make grocery shopping what it is today. The Ayrault Road farm has stood in the same spot since the early 1800s, upon Perrin’s first settlements, making it the oldest farm in the area. Nearby, our local Perinton Wegmans grocery store, newly remodeled, would not be where they are today without the town’s farming and factory growth. Within Perinton is the hamlet of Bushnell’s Basin, originally named Hartwell’s Basin It was the terminus for all boat traffic going east and west on the canal and was an important stop on the Rochester and Eastern Rapid Railway. Workers of all trades worked together to keep the transportation of materials flowing and business thrived until threatened by suburban growth and the building of route 490 in 1961. Concerned citizens battled to keep the Basin safe from further growth and ultimately created the first local historical preservation district on February 16, 1989. One thing that makes this historical area so unique is the renowned Mushroom house that has been featured on several television shows, and also gives us a fun view into a modern use of nature at its finest. Other Perinton residential areas feature homes built in a wide variety of architectural styles are surrounding the bustling village center. Although the housing styles are different, they still have one thing in common: their roof. Whether you’re interested in traditional asphalt shingles or the more durable metal roofing systems, Roofing Rochester NY strives to provide quality and safety while maintaining the rural and canal town heritage.

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New metal roofing installation is definitely one of the most efficient ways of improving the roofing of any Perinton NY business or home. Metal roofing has strong robustness qualities and visual curb appeal; each adding property value increases that oftentimes result from these enhancements. Many homeowners and business owners have elected to have Roofing Rochester NY install a metal roof on their residential and commercial structures. More importantly, installing metal roofing on your property in Perinton is best and most GREEN option for the environment.

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New solar roofing supplies power and protection; it’s a no-brainer. Decreasing your home or business carbon footprint while increasing your energy efficiency is the perfect way to enhance your residence or commercial building in many more ways than one while replacing its roofing system. See why so many Perinton NY business and home owners are trusting Roofing Rochester NY with their solar roofing installations.

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When potential buyers assess commercial properties, usually the first questions are about the state of the roof. The harsh weather of Perinton NY are especially taxing on commercial structures that oftentimes lack tree cover. You simply can’t pull any punches or take shortcuts when your commercial building needs a new commercial roof. Roofing Rochester NY is happy to discuss all of your options at any time.

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