Who doesn’t love the sound of water rushing powerfully down a river and flowing lusciously down a hill of rocks? Luckily, you don’t need to be near the historic Niagara Falls to wake up to these sounds! Located in upstate NY, just south of Rochester, Honeoye Falls NY is a village within the town of Mendon in Monroe County, New York. The population of 2,674 is rapidly increasing each year and it’s no surprise. The village includes a small waterfall on Honeoye Creek, which flows through the village and gives it its name. The name Honeoye comes from the Seneca word ha-ne-a-yah, which means lying finger or where the finger lies. The name comes from the local story of a Native American whose finger was bitten by a rattlesnake and who therefore cut off his finger with a tomahawk. While this sounds like a pretty rough beginning to the foundation of such a beautiful village, the rest is history! The village was founded in 1791 by Zebulon Norton when he purchased 1,820 acres of land for the price of 12½ cents per acre. He built a grist mill and later a saw mill at a waterfall on Honeoye Creek. The area was originally known as Norton Mills. In 1827, Hiram Finch built a second mill, which would come to be called the Lower Mill to differentiate it from the earlier mill. On May 17, 1973, the Lower Mill was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Honeoye Falls Village Historic District, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Totiakton Site, and United States Post Office are also listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Wow!

Roof Repair & Roof Replacement Honeoye Falls NY

Your Trusted Roofing Team of Roofing Installation Experts in Honeoye Falls NY

If you are fortunate enough to visit the stunning village of Honeoye Falls, you’ll notice that some of these historic structures are built with some of the strongest and most durable products ever made. From the foundations to the roofing systems, you’ll find many of these buildings are heavily protected with products such as standing seam metal roofs, copper roofs, and even slate roofing systems which perform well over 100 years. These specialty products were built with character, dignity, and high level craftsmanship. A huge benefit to installing these specialty products is not only the longevity, but what they add to the value of the property. The added value will only help these villages and towns to flourish. But the high-end craftsmanship and diversity of products doesn’t end at the commercial properties. They linger into the residential houses as well. Most of these homes you will find are sheltered with architectural asphalt shingles and even some Boral Steel metal roof systems that have the same classic appearance sprinkled in, as well. With diverse decking and structures from cedar shake (built in the early 1900s) to tongue and groove decking (post war), and even modern day decking such as OSB — if you’re a homeowner, you’re going to want to be sure to choose your contractor very wisely when working on your home. Choosing a roofing company that is experienced in all of these evolutionary phases of building material is crucial to how you are able to keep your investment during all the different seasons of weather Honeoye Falls experiences. Rest assured, Roofing Rochester NY has a wide variety of working crews that are able to perform only the highest level of workmanship no matter what material the home is built with, to ensure your family’s safety and help beautify your home the way you’ve always desired.

Metal Roofing in Honeoye Falls NY

Metal Roofing for an Energy-Efficient Home or Business in Honeoye Falls NY

New metal roofing installation is definitely one of the most efficient ways of improving the roofing of any Honeoye Falls NY business or home. Metal roofing has strong robustness qualities and visual curb appeal; each adding property value increases that oftentimes result from these enhancements. Many homeowners and business owners have elected to have Roofing Rochester NY install a metal roof on their residential and commercial structures. More importantly, installing metal roofing on your property in Honeoye Falls is best and most GREEN option for the environment.

Solar in Honeoye Falls NY

Enlighten Your Honeoye Falls Home with the Power of Solar

New solar roofing supplies power and protection; it’s a no-brainer. Decreasing your home or business carbon footprint while increasing your energy efficiency is the perfect way to enhance your residence or commercial building in many more ways than one while replacing its roofing system. See why so many Honeoye Falls NY business and home owners are trusting Roofing Rochester NY with their solar roofing installations.

Commercial Roofing in Honeoye Falls NY

The Commercial Roofing Experts in Honeoye Falls NY

When potential buyers assess commercial properties, usually the first questions are about the state of the roof. The harsh weather of Honeoye Falls NY are especially taxing on commercial structures that oftentimes lack tree cover. You simply can’t pull any punches or take shortcuts when your commercial building needs a new commercial roof. Roofing Rochester NY is happy to discuss all of your options at any time.

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